Fuzion Z300 Pro – Be A Trickster on the Go


Best Trick Scooters

Trick or Squash as some people call it is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of off road scooters on the market. There are many different tricks you can pull off with a trick scooter and you can get yourself in a great spot to make some fast, fun maneuvers with your scooter. But what exactly is a trick scooter? Well, they pretty much look and operate like a regular street bike except for the fact that they are built for off road use.


The trick is to use a pair of drop down handlebars and hit the throttle with the bars in place so that it appears that you are riding a regular street bike. This makes it easy to drive around tight corners and to pull off tricky stunts. You can find these stunt scooters for anywhere from about a hundred dollars to about a thousand dollars and they come in many different styles. The most expensive models are usually very hard tail models and they can be dangerous to ride because there is not much clearance at all on the back. But even a much less expensive model can be very fun to ride. If you can find one that has a seat that will work with the bars in place you should be in real trouble.


If you are looking for one of the best and most stable riding machines on the market for off roading you should definitely check out the union z300 pro. These scooters have all the same features and performance as all the other top quality scooters on the market including a high-end dual control throttle system, shock absorbing suspension, front & rear shocks, and a fiberglass body with an aluminum rear subframe. They also include a nice onboard digital engine timer and pre-programmed starter. If you want to ride tough and be in total control, this is the model you want to get.

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