Fireplace installation – Tips and Tricks


fireplace installation

Fireplace installation prices are dependent on the kind of fireplace being installed and the size of the house. The actual cost to install a wood fireplace is substantially more than an electric fireplace, and the cost to install a gas fireplace is less than an electrical fireplace. Chimney installation fees are very expensive, and chimney crowning costs almost as much. There is a wide range in fireplace installation prices due to the materials used to build the fireplaces. The most expensive fireplaces are made from rare woods and metals, while the cheapest fireplaces are made out of common masonry elements.


The actual costs to have a fireplace installed will depend on many factors such as the size of the home and the location of the home. If the home is located on a small lot then the costs to have an outdoor fireplace built will be less than if the home is on a larger lot. The location of the home also has a big impact on the installation costs.


If the home is not near any water source then the installation costs will be less because there will be no need for wiring installation. Wiring installation can be very expensive and therefore the homeowners should opt for professional installation service. Professional fireplaces installation companies will make sure that the fireplace installation is safe, efficient and effective. The safety and efficiency of the fireplaces depend on proper installation techniques and materials used.

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