Curing Kundalini Energy


Tantra kundalini is one of the most talked about topics in the world of tantra. However, many people still have this mistaken belief that it is something complicated and inaccessible to them. This article will discuss the basic beliefs on tantra kundalini meditation, which will dispel the myths and help you understand the profound reality of this ancient tantra technique.

Succeed With Curing Kundalini Energy

Contrary to popular belief, tantra kundalini does not focus on sexual techniques or arousal in order to awaken the powerful shakti and energy hidden inside our bodies. The awakening of this hidden energy is a prerequisite to accessing the powers and energy of the shakti and making it possible for us to achieve union with the lord. In fact, according to the teachings of tantra, sex is actually a way of communicating with the lord by sending and receiving messages from him. However, the purpose of shakti exercises is not only to awaken the sexual energy, but also to awaken the shakti hidden in our bodies.

Therefore, tantra kundalini yoga practice does not focus on how to reach orgasm or ejaculation in order to gain sexual energy. Rather, it is believed that sexual intercourse itself awakens the hidden power of the tantric energy, which in turn enables the practitioner to achieve union with the true lord. There are various tantra rituals that can help the student to reach kundalini yoga stage. However, the most effective method is still dependent on the advanced stage of practice of shakti exercises.

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