Local Roofing Company SEO


A few weeks ago I was looking at the Roofing Page for Salt Lake City and was wondering how they are ranked so high in the search results. Well, it turns out that they have quite a few million hits per year. Now a normal person would think that this is something that they would be proud of,shinkolite n590 noble green but you see there are a couple things that I noticed about this site. The first of these being that they have quite a few local searches listed under “Rooating”. This itself shows that they are aware of how to reach a local audience and also it shows that they have a relevant product that many people are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Roofing Businesses

The other thing that I noticed is that not only did they have several million hits a year from local searches, but they had quite a few million hits from major search engines. Clearly there is some great competition for roofing contractors in Salt Lake City and the key to their long term success will be using the right keywords in the search engines to rank high in the organic section of the search engines. That means that you need to be using keyword phrases that other people are searching for when doing a search for roofers in Salt Lake City.

Now that we have covered some of the top ranked sites in the roofing industry in Salt Lake City, we need to discuss the places that you want to avoid at all costs. You see many times the smaller sites will have very little traffic despite the fact that they have a lot of organic search results. This is due to poor keyword research and not having the money to pay for advertising. If you can avoid these types of places then you will never have any trouble with getting your business in the search engines. To recap; be sure to have a good amount of local traffic and be sure to target the right keywords in order to get your business ranked highly in the organic search results.