Dreams About Someone Can Help You Solve Your Problems


Although it’s not an altogether common occurrence, there are several instances of people dreaming about someone that they have not met. For instance, if you spent years loving someone in your youth and perhaps never got to meet him or her during that period, the dreams could represent your deep affection for them or the frustration of not being able to establish contact with them. Another example could be if the person you’re dreaming about is a close friend who has moved on to someone else and you miss them. You may long to hear their voice or see their face.

How to Dreams About Someone Can Help You Solve Your Problems

Some people dream about people they know very closely but have not met in person. In some of these cases, the person’s name is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about the dreamer. It could also be that the dream represents something about your relationship with the person. For instance, if you have a dream about a friend who is sick, you may long to go check up on them in the hospital or at least call to let them know what is happening. Another common case is if the dreamer is traveling or going to a place that you have been to. You could imagine flying over a city or flying into a foreign country.

Sometimes, dreams about someone might represent your feelings for another person. That’s when you feel that the other person has changed you in some way. Other times, you might simply be drawn to someone because you find their appearance or behavior attractive. Perhaps you’ve just fallen in love and want to share your new found relationship with them. Whatever the case may be, dreams about someone might help you discover things about your own self which you might not have been aware of before. So, instead of ignoring your dreams, why not just go with them and see what they might reveal to you?…