A Look Into This New Online Skin Science Course


One of the important aspects of this skin science course is that it explains in easy-to-understand terms how skin cells grow, divide and die. It also looks at how the skin forms and how these cells are related to one another. This course also looks at the diseases and disorders that affect the skin, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. It also looks at how some of these skin problems can actually be prevented.

skin science course


Skin Science Course

Another aspect of this course revolves around how the skin works and what role do hormones play in this process. The hormones that we ingest play a major role in how our skin grows, develops, and looks. Proper nutrition will help the body produce healthy skin cells that look younger and more vibrant.

Skin Science is an online science course with a prerequisite of a Biology degree. The reason why this course is quite popular is that it addresses the practical as well as the theoretical side of biology. Skin Science offers a total of nine lessons, each lesson ranging from forty minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes long. This course is for those who are looking into obtaining their skin sciences degree at an accelerated pace. Each lesson in this science course teaches the student about the basics of skin biology, which includes such things as the structure and functions of the epidermis.

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