Learn The Types Of Alcohol Screening Testes


alcohol test

A random alcohol test checks the alcohol level in your system to determine whether you are under the influence of alcohol. It reveals the current alcohol levels of the individual or reveals the historical levels of intoxication or impairment. Unlike many other drug tests, alcohol breathalyzers do not reveal past usage. The equipment used for random breath alcohol tests measures the amount of alcohol content in your blood stream.

Why Need To Learn The Types Of Alcohol Screening Tests

This testing equipment may be employed at home, in a business, at schools, at parks and other public areas where safety is a concern. It’s important that employers, schools, businesses and other organizations perform random alcohol testing to ensure compliance with employment and community standards. Many communities have laws that prohibit employers from requiring job applicants to take alcohol training classes. Some companies also don’t want to spend resources on alcohol training programs that they feel are not effective. Random alcohol testing can help employers prevent job applicants with a illicit alcohol use problem from taking the job.

There are many different kinds of tests available for alcohol consumption. Many employers and other organizations choose to administer their own alcohol screening test instead of having employees take an approved test that is mandated by state law. Because these tests are usually easy to administer and quick to give results, most employers find that they are cost-effective and efficient alternatives to screenings for job candidates.