Flat Bed And Beavertail Trailer


beavertail trailer

Beavertail Trailer is very popular; a beavertail trailer mounted by a tow truck is basically the go-to standard for moving even heavy industrial equipment. Tilt-track trucks are now widely used for mobile float service (ok, some can also tow) but they also serve as beavertail trailer to bring heavy equipment to job locations. The beavertail trailer is just like a small passenger boat, so it has enough room for a crew to manage safely and securely. It’s not uncommon to have to tow several beavertails at one time, if you’re hauling more than two vehicles.


Flatbed trucks aren’t quite as common, but they can make short work of hauling a beavertail trailer; flatbed trucks are often seen hauling lumber and other heavy items. When looking to rent a beavertail or flatbed dump truck, one should look for a reputable company offering a good guarantee. There are many companies that offer towing services, but there are only a few that have solid records for customer service and a history of excellent customer satisfaction.


As with all machinery, flatbed and beavertail dump trucks can break down after long use. This can be extremely frustrating, but there is help. For those people who need back-up equipment for transporting their equipment, hiring a reliable flatbed or beavertail truck company is strongly recommended, especially when transporting sensitive or valuable items such as cars, electronics, or medical devices.…